on 09/26/2016


Second Prize in Americas Region: Extreme Tool and Engineering

Moldex3D’s Role in Advanced Manufacturing at Extreme

Industry: Mold & Die
Team Members: Anthony Denny, Eldon Leidich
Company/Team Introduction:
Founded in 1998, Extreme is a premier engineering and mold manufacturing facility that is a leading provider of innovative turnkey plastic product development services.


Story Overview/Challenge:

Mike Zacharias is the owner and also the President of Extreme Tool and Engineering. The company started using Moldex3D in 2007. Before that, there were a lot of uncertainties surrounding the molding process, such as “What will the fill time be”, “Can our press generate the needed sprue pressure”, “How much clamp force will we need”, and “Is the shot size appropriate for the barrel”. To reduce these uncertainties, Extreme Tool decided to look for solutions that can help provide greater confidence prior to actual manufacturing.


Extreme Tool chose Moldex3D to help them eliminate uncertainties arising from the molding process. Moldex3D simulation software provides tools to examine potential problematics areas in parts and helps Extreme make well-informed decisions. In one of the projects, Moldex3D simulation results helped Extreme Tool make educated decision as to where to vent and also drive the tool design right from the start. With help from Moldex3D, Extreme Tool doesn’t have to wait till short shots occur in the first sample to make adjustments or corrections. In addition to using simulation to guide future designs, Extreme Tool also used the information obtained from simulation to optimize cooling and determine cycle time.



  • Avoid costly mold repair and rework
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Used simulation to guide future design and make educated decisions

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