on 09/26/2016


Third Prize in Americas Region: Stanley Engineered Fastening

Mold Flow Filling Study

Industry: Automotive
Team Members: Naga V Subhash Battini, Ryan Ostach
Company/Team Introduction:
For more than 40 years, STANLEY Engineered Fastening has been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for a variety of industries. In addition to developing fasteners that uniquely resolve assembly issues, STANLEY Engineered Fastening also provides an extremely cost-effective tooling and installation process.


Story Overview/Challenge:

Naga V Subhash is a CAE Engineer with the Fastener Engineering Team at STANLEY Engineered Fastening. His team develops and designs plastic and metal fasteners. Typically, fastener designs are smaller in size and controlling manufacturing variation is simplified. But when larger and more complex parts are required, the team requires a tool that can help predict variations in order to overcome molding defects, such as warpage and short shots, in the injection molding process. In this case, the team was tasked with producing an optimum gating system for the Protector part.

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STANLEY Engineered Fastening used Moldex3D to analyze design iterations at the earliest stages of product development. Through the simulation results, the team was able to determine the optimal number of valve gates and also the proper gate locations for the part. In addition, Moldex3D also helped the team in optimizing the cold runner system design, which not only saved money spent on valve gates but also achieved balanced filling.


  • Identified optimal gate locations during the initial tool design
  • Reduced rework cost and stayed on schedule
  • Eliminated short shots and warpage

Product Used:

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