on 06/30/2014



“WIT is a terribly promising technology, but in order to be effective, it requires accurate supporting simulations tools like Moldex3D.” 

Fernando Burguera
Advanced Engineering Manager at BATZ


“Very very positive! More and more we have confidence in the results. And we are not confident if we don’t use Moldex3D to build a new tool. So, this is an important tool. And, we can’t live without it in this moment in our organization.”

Eduardo Rodrigues
Research/Development at Celoplas


“Our experience of using Moldex3D has been very positive. Also, it’s because it allows us to reduce time to market of the tool, and to prevent future problems during the production of the part and the design of the part.”

Bruno Dinis Martins
Administrator at FAMOLDE


“I can highly recommend to use this product Moldex3D. It helps me to get a good analysis on a product part and even help me design a better mold.”

Andre Pfannenschwarz
Head of Mould Design at Hack Formenbau GmbH


“Moldex3D is the best software to simulate conformal cooling. With having Moldex3D in our facility, it helps us improve our customer’s satisfaction by providing our customers a quick turnaround time and a flexible ability for them to come in-house to work with our engineers and make changes for product design and optimization.” 

Michael Misener
General Manager at Linear Mold


“The greatest value of Moldex3D research project is that it demonstrates how simulation can reduce the manufacturing cost and maintain the optics precision at the same time.” 

Likai Li
Graduate Research Fellow at The Ohio State University


“Shape Corporation uses Moldex3D approach in terms of both manufacturing & design. We are using this cutting edge tool for CAE and testing to prove our products and to improve our understanding what happens to the product, both in terms of after impact as well as what it goes to manufacturing process.”

Kaustubh Bedekar
Engineering Manager at Shape-Netshape Corporation


“I believe it is a very good interface to use to simulate injection molding processes.”

Elisabete F. Reia da Costa
Research Scientist at SINTEF


“SMR Automotive Australia have been using Moldex3D software for some years now. Moldex3D simulation analysis has consistently given us excellent results. I’m also very impressed with the professional technical support by Moldex3D personnel through a recent on-site assistance during two days of tool trials. Their input assisted greatly to attain the successful end results.” 

Joe Kennedy
Flow Analyst and Process Engineer, SMR Automotive Australia Pty Limited


“Moldex3D provided us with fast and accurate mold filling simulation for our tooling design. The mold filling simulation was easy to set up and works well with our Solid Edge CAD software. We were able to simulate filling process for multi-cavity molds and detect potential problems before committing to tool manufacturing.” 

Bapak Yuli
Head of Engineering Section, PT Dharma Poliplast Indonesia


“We have strong confidence in Moldex3D’s simulation results, and we are the first one to use Moldex3D in Turkey. We combine the simulation process with mold manufacturing in order to optimize results. With Moldex3D, it helps us reduce production costs and time greatly and we have been having successful results.” 

Evrim Metin
Design Manager, AKSEM


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