Moldex3D Built on the Success of Moldex3D Users’ Meeting-Europe 2008

on 10/06/2008

This year Moldex3D had the pleasure to invite FlowHow and Unilever as our sponsors. FlowHow paid much effort on preliminary work including hotel and traffic arrangement, coordinating meeting and bringing well-known Moldex3D users to join us. On the other hand, Unilever, Moldex3D long-term users, provided this meeting an excellent workshop tour to its global center factory in Port Sunlight, United Kingdom. This allowed the attendees to experience virtual packing of worldwide innovative products.


In the beginning of the first day meeting, Dr. Venny Yang, president of Moldex3D, delivered an introductory speech of the latest technology and applications in Moldex3D. Following was the presentation from professor Pouzada-University of Minho; he shared a successful utilization of Moldex3D to predict flow, thermal and shrinkage on injection moulding with hybrid moulds.


Coming up next was the keynote speech presented by the renowned plastics industry expert Dr. Vito Leo, the founder of BIMS-Seminars. In his lecture, he shared the challenges we have faced in the field of injection molding and solutions we can use to overcome the problems. In addition, there were several speeches given by Grundfos, SimpaTec, Unilver and FlowHow. Throughout their brilliant lectures, the participants indeed gained significant benefits on injection molding simulations by Moldex3D cutting-edge software.


At the end of the first day meeting, Moldex3D product manager, Jimmy Chien, previewed the new functions of Moldex3D R9.1. Moldex3D R9.1 comprised wide range of new functions and enhancements on Designer, mesh-BLM (the Boundary Layer Mesh), Solid packing solver, and Parallel computing efficiency. These new functions impressed the attendees; meanwhile, they could not wait to see Moldex3D R9.1 to hit the market soon.


On the second day of the meeting, Lego, global enterprise of the world’s sixth-largest manufacturer of toys firstly delivered their true successful cases of using Moldex3D products. However, based on the positive feedbacks from the attendees, these indeed boosted our confidence for future product developing.


Rhino was one of Moldex3D partners welcomed to participate in this annual event this year. The lecture focused on practical tools in Rhino4, it helped Moldex3D users to generate and edit the surface mesh with high quality in greater efficiency. Thus, users will be able to continue to generate the mesh of solid elements via Moldex-Mesh tools.


Last but not least, following one and half day’s conference, Unilever prepared attendees visit of its practical tour near Liverpool. Every participant was thrilled about this special opportunity seeing world-class manufacturing enterprise. Also, they realized the making process of successful products for home and personal care from Unilever.


In summary, Moldex3D Users’ Meeting-Europe2008 ended up with the satisfactory and communicative atmosphere within two-day session. Besides, the topics and presentations from speakers were given in an objective and informative way. Moldex3D wishes a remarkable increment of foreign participants and expects seeing you next year!



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