Great Success at Moldex3D Technology Summit and Users Conference

on 11/11/2011

In October 3-4, Moldex3D unveiled new additions to software product lines with the announcement of Moldex3D R11 at 2011 Technology Summit and Users Conference held at the Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel. As detailed by President, Dr. Venny Yang, Moldex3D now offer users more capabilities and features allowing an improved user experience and more efficient work flow. Dr. Yang unveiled advancements such as: Advanced Hot Runner, Conformal Cooling, Long Fiber Analysis, Gas and Water assisted injection molding, Co-injection, MuCell® Technology, and Enterprise Cloud Computing, among others.


Dr. Yang was accompanied by Moldex3D’s Vice President, Dr. David Hsu, who discussed the progress of Moldex3D’s technology throughout its nearly 30-year history and further offered an in-depth discussion about the advancements made in Moldex3D R11. Dr. Hsu also showcased real application cases by top tier suppliers who have already used Moldex3D to cut costs while creating higher quality parts in a shorter amount of time than traditional approaches.


Dr. Anthony Yang, Moldex3D’s Chief Technology Officer, completed the morning presentations by explaining how Moldex3D’s new software innovations will help users achieve better quality parts and gave an in-depth analysis into the advantages of the new features, specifically the long-fiber calculations.



In addition to presenting the new features of their latest release, Moldex3D invited a wide range of users within various industries to share their experiences and the benefits they received by using Moldex3D’s software. Highlighted were professionals from the likes of Ford and Toyoda Gosei, as well as presentations by professors from Ohio State University and the University of Wisconsin.


This was a great learning experience for all who attended along with the Moldex3D team. In this forum setting, the audience was able to ask questions and share comments on where they would like to see Moldex3D expand. Always dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, Moldex3D’s executive team listened carefully to the comments and suggestions, and vowed to maintain their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Moldex3D has built a reputation as the pioneer of 3D CAE for injection molding, and is committed to maintaining excellence.


Moldex3D wants to deliver their appreciation to all sponsors supported the event, to guest speakers brought insightful learning experience, and to all guests attended the show. Your participation made the event even greater. Thank you all and look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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