on 05/26/2014

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Many product designers and manufacturers spend much of their time relying on guesswork to design, build and test their ideas. But guessing is risky, costly and will result in longer cycle times. Therefore, it is important that the process of designing must replace guesswork with real-world insights. Moldex3D provides comprehensive virtual molding solutions for plastic injection molding to predict and verify real-world product performance. Through realistic simulation, designers can easily identify and clearly understand potential design flaws so as to make compatible design changes before it’s too late.

With this release, Moldex3D R13.0 has further extended the capabilities of virtual simulation for plastic injection molding with more efficient workflow, increasingly reliable results, and better user experience, getting the most out of virtual simulation to help enterprises create core competitiveness and add value for their plastic products and end-users.

What’s New

Increased Agility and Flexibility Simulation and Optimization Enhancements Boosting Integration with CAD and FEA Enhanced Interface Brings More Insights
Efficiency Reliability Collaboration User Experience


Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Spend less time with model preparation
  • Faster with rendering result displays
  • Monitor the progress of analysis in real time and schedule the job sequence anytime, anywhere
BLM various gate-s
Automatic BLM Creation Gate Location Advisor Various Runner Support
s-A04 03After Auto Refine-s job monitor-s
Cooling Channel Designer Kernel Efficiency Acceleration Job Progress Monitor
(PC/ Mobile)


Expanded Simulation Capabilities to Build More Reliable Designs
  • Better control over heating and cooling analysis
  • Expanded simulation capabilities in special molding processes
  • Enhanced prediction tools to improve part quality
  • Up to 15% updated material properties available for use
hot runner-s s-B02 3D_cooling_channel-s
Hot Runner Optimization Mold Preheat Analysis Coolant Design Simulation
s-B03 s-B04 s-B05
Fiber Length & Concentration Compression Molding MuCell® Molding
welding_angle-s s-B08 未命名-s
Welding Surface Display Part & Mold Deformation Material Database Upgrade


Smoother Collaboration with CAD and FEA
  • More result display options in CAD environment
  • More seamless integration and workflow with FEA interface
edesignsync for creo-s fea interface-s
CAD Integration- eDesignSYNC
View Case Study:  NX   PTC® Creo®  SOLIDWORKS
FEA & Micromechanics Interface


Enhanced Interface Brings More Insights
  • Expanded visualization options for displaying analysis results
  • Support injection machine interfaces of leading makers
s-D01 machine interface-s
More Display Applications for Result Visualization Reality-Simulation Molding
Machine Database

Moldex3D Virtual Molding Solution Package

eDesign BasiceDesign Basic
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Flexible extension for high-precision or special process simulation > Learn More
Solution Add-onSolution Add-on
Series of add-ons for specific industrial part process simulation> Learn More
IC PackagingIC Packaging
Design verification and optimization for the encapsulation process  > Learn More

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