Webinar: Evaluating Hot Runner Systems to Improve Tool Quality- 2:30 PM EDT

on 04/24/2017

2:30 PM EDT | Wednesday, June 14, 2017 | Check Your Time


As the product design continues to advance in modern product development process, so does the design of a hot runner system; the more complex the hot runner design is, the more time it needs for attaining a detailed Advanced Hot Runner analysis.


In this webinar, we will introduce Hot Runner Steady (HRS) Analysis- an innovative simulation technology that directly addresses the troublesome flow balance issue in today’s complex hot runner system designs. With that, users can fully examine and optimize all aspects of their hot runner design, which ultimately leads to a successful hot runner design.


Webinar Highlights


  • Hot Runner Applications & Simulations
  • Hot Runner Steady Analysis
  • Case Study



hot runner technology component  hot runner temperature distribution






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