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  • Add:37C, Nicolae Romanescu st., 200738 Craiova, Romania
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Founded June 1991 with an origin in the aviation industry, INAS SA is the first wholly owned company, acting as the principal center on mechanical engineering and IT consulting in Romania. INAS SA retains the services of 6 CAD/CAM engineers and 20 CAE analysts, all of them with more than 5 years experience in the field.

Company profile

Within the Romanian industry INAS has become established as: Leading technical consulting center in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE providing prompt and quality design and engineering services for a wide spectrum of industrial applications from automotive and heavy equipment to nuclear and defense. Center of high technology transfer, providing our customers with an integrated information system for mechanical engineering, design, stress analysis and design optimization, engineering simulations; training and technical support for the implementation of the best in-class mechanical applications.

Vision of the future

Our objective is to gain a worldwide reputation as an expert supplier of quality mechanical engineering, in a timely and cost effective manner and successfully execute projects of virtually any scale.


INAS was founded on the belief that working together as a team with our customers, creating a win-win, highly profitable situation are fundamental to a successful and long term working partnership.

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