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Upholding the motto “Break the limits” – the corporate slogan and, above all, an invitation to everyone to wake up, to think beyond one’s borders, overcoming barriers and to conquer new horizons – SimpaTec reinforced its presence in Austria in 2017 with its own Location.

Define and aim for new goals and projects with SimpaTec!
With competence, experience, ambition and the use of the latest software technologies, we mutually set new standards in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools. Each and every complex question is met by scientific expertise. Due to our market position and international presence, we are always informed about the latest results of research and development trends.
This makes SimpaTec your first contact and definitely your leading consultant to cluster efficient and highly productive software and service packages. The range of CAx products includes, amongst others, Moldex3D, the leading 3D CAE software solution for injection molding process design and optimization as well as Digimat, a state-of-the-art material modeling technology which bridges the gap between manufacturing and structural performance, predicts the non-linear micromechanical behavior of complex multiphase composites and structures accurately and enables the coupling of process and structure simulation.

Move forward with SimpaTec
SimpaTec keeps you up-to-date with the latest knowledge by offering profound, qualified and individually tailored courses and further education programs such as: trainings, workshops, seminars, SpotOn’s, webinars, etc. Being the first partner accredited to operate a Moldex3D Authorized Certification Center, SimpaTec also offers the possibility to obtain profound Moldex3D certificate exams, which will not only provide a uniform standard regarding injection simulation knowledge and Moldex3D but also add value to your business and make you more competitive. Two courses including the respective exams are available: Moldex3D Analyst and Moldex3D Expert.
So, no matter if you are working on design issues, dealing with process optimization or performing crash test analysis with implicit and explicit CAE applications, you will be supported by highly skilled and trained professionals.

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