SIMTEQ Engineering (PTY) Ltd

  • Country:South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya
  • Add:342 The Rand Street, Lynnwood, Pretoria, South Africa, 0081
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We make it possible for you to know what to make, how to make it and check that you did it right.

SIMTEQ Engineering makes companies profitable and competitive by taking costly trail-and-error design and manufacturing processes of products into the virtual world.
With our team of expert engineers and the best simulation and analysis technology, we make it simple to solve and prevent manufacturing and in-service problems of parts, assemblies and systems.

We sell to, train and support our customers in these technologies and also provide specialist services in a number of highly specialized areas, where the industry may still lack the experience or access to the technology.

We specialize in providing the technology, training and knowledge transfer consulting services using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solutions.
With many years of experience in these specialized areas of Finite Element Analysis and Multi-Body Dynamics, we are in the best position to advice and support our customers on which technologies to use and how to solve the problems they have.

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