Founded in 2000, BiroCom2000 provides unparalleled services and program solutions to their customers in Slovenia and Austria  in the ever-demanding field of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM. In 2006,  BiroCom2000 signed an exclusive dealership agreement with a well-known Chinese CAD/CAM software company, ZWSOFT CO., LTD., the developer of Zw3D and ZwCAD, and became a True Value Added Partner.


BiroCom2000 prides itself on being extremely professional yet understanding and supportive at the same time. These are the qualities which Slovene and Austrian customers value most. And only through satisfying customers can their mission be truly fulfilled.


At the moment, they provide services to more than 15.000 European companies. As the company’s continuing to expand, the customer base  is also growing.

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