Moldex3D, the Blue Ocean CAE Strategic Solution – Time Management of Your Design Optimization

on 05/18/2009

3D becomes popular day by day for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) solutions; however, it is still a term often challenged with efficiency concern — something good and true but do take time. Tedious meshing and time-consuming calculation are nightmares for most people need to or plan to use CAE for design optimizations under shorter and shorter development cycle. Meanwhile, compromising with the low quality mesh models or the over-simplified methods is almost equally risky — This dilemma is always the case.



Since time is a critical cost for most production projects, good time management helps people focus more on jobs that can create more values. It is interesting to find a very well-known metaphor for the market universe – the Red and Blue Oceans – is also practicable when examining the effectiveness of engineering tools at hands.


Red Ocean CAE strategy can be taken as the arrangement when everyone works under certain conventional frame and scheme of time. The boundaries and limitations are defined and accepted, thus it is much more difficult to reach the performance and profits that are outstanding enough for being really competitive. Blue Ocean CAE Strategy, in the contrast, denotes the unknown and unknowable time resources that can benefit us. In Blue Ocean, time can be actively created rather than passively accepted. Therefore, with the Blue Ocean CAE Strategy, new game rules can bring the opportunity for profitable and rapid growth.


No doubt the hardware development also plays an important role in bringing higher performance, but the dawn comes in till the synergy of effortless 3D modeling and parallel computing shows its power.



From various industrial cases, Moldex3D intelligent 3D meshing engine did help users finish the pre-processing in a much shorter time. The ratio might be different case by case, however, at least 80% time are successfully created for higher-value jobs.



The computing performance of Moldex3D R9.1 on a single core machine is already 3~5 times higher compared with other flow analysis software.

The other key advantage that makes Moldex3D the Blue Ocean CAE Strategy is the Parallel Computing Technology which supports the entire injection molding stages and verified by industrial cases for almost one decade.

Therefore, when Moldex3D simulation is arranged under multi-core and parallel computing environment, the overall speed up can reach 10 times higher than single core calculation, and around 20 times quicker than the solutions without parallel computing or only can handle single stage (like warpage).



When leading players use to finish complete product/mold designs in one week, time becomes fatal in the global competition. The Red Ocean CAE Strategy is no longer sufficient to sustain high performance in product development cycle. To seize new profits and growth opportunities, with the synergy of effortless 3D modeling and parallel computing for more iterations to optimize, Moldex3D stands out as the one and only Blue Ocean CAE Strategy which would not only improve competitiveness to individuals, but also to the corporate.

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