Moldex3D Donates Software to ANOVA to Empower The Next Generation of Professionals in Plastics Manufacturing

on 05/03/2024

Hsinchu, Taiwan — May 3, 2023 — CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) is excited to announce its partnership with ANOVA Innovations to support their unique apprenticeship program. The manufacturing industry is facing a significant workforce shortage, with over 500,000 job positions remaining vacant across the country. In response to this challenge, ANOVA Innovations, in partnership with Erie High School, has launched an internship/apprenticeship program to alleviate this problem in the Erie, Pennsylvania region.

Moldex3D is a leading simulation software company in the plastics industry that believes in ANOVA team’s vision for the future of the industry. Moldex3D can help students visually understand the mold design process, which is essential to comprehend the root cause of molding challenges, such as shrinkage, warpage, and air trap. Ultimately helps optimize engineering time and minimize the need for outdated trial-and-error methods.

“We are proud to donate our software technology to Erie High School, ANOVA’s apprenticeship partner high school. The younger generation is tech-savvy and eager to work with cutting-edge technology in the workplace, and Moldex3D’s partnership with ANOVA aligns with this trend. Our simulation software helps students build confidence in their skills, preparing them to become highly skilled and motivated professionals in the manufacturing industry. We hope to inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers and help address the current workforce shortage.” Anthony, Deputy CEO of CoreTech System and General Manager of North American Subsidiary, said.

This partnership highlights the importance of apprenticeship programs in the manufacturing industry. Moldex3D’s endorsement of ANOVA’s apprenticeship program demonstrates our commitment to building a pipeline of highly skilled and motivated professionals for the industry’s future. With this partnership, ANOVA believes that their program can continue to grow and enable students to build essential manufacturing skills and an impressive resume before they even graduate from high school. We are thrilled to be a partner in this initiative and look forward to this successful collaboration.


Moldex3D Global Educational Collaboration

Moldex3D is committed to developing educational collaborations to empower students with practical industry skills early on, fostering their future success in the workplace. This initiative also aims to benefit companies by saving on labor costs and contributing to overall industry growth.

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