Moldex3D Unveils Latest Innovations at NPE 2024, Showcases Successful Collaborations

on 06/26/2024

Hsinchu, Taiwan — June 26, 2024 — At this year’s NPE, Moldex3D introduced the latest Moldex3D 2024 product features and Moldiverse services. With Moldex3D 2024, new product designs can validate recyclability, identify potential material property issues, and optimize solutions, achieving low manufacturing costs, design flexibility, lightweight, and improved safety. The launch of these new products made our booth a major attraction, creating a lively atmosphere.

Moldex3D has continuously collaborated with many outstanding companies, assisting them in simulating new product development. For NPE, we created a series of videos showcasing our collaborative projects and achievements.

Co-marketing Projects

Two-Component Eyeglasses Project

Arburg & ROEMBKE & Shin-Etsu & Kruse Training

  • – Advanced Material Selection: Utilizing the high-grade Optical LIMS material, we are setting new standards in clarity and durability.
  • – Precision Molding: Our simulations include the entire mold setup, highlighting our commitment to detailed and accurate production processes.
  • – Smart Manufacturing: With Moldex3D’s Machine Mode using Arburg machine, we’ve achieved a digital twin representation, enhancing both the filling and curing behaviors of the materials.


Umbrella Valve Project


The project features advanced LSR molding simulations by Moldex3D on a precision mold from M.R. Mold, using RDAbbott materials on a Milacron machine.


CSI 4.0 Demo Part

LS Mtron

Dive into our showcase where we employ recycled materials, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Experience how sustainability is embedded in every phase of our process.

Precision at Its Core: Discover the power of our advanced simulation capabilities with #Moldex3D’s ‘Machine Mode.’ By integrating LS Mtron’s specific molding machine specifications, we create a seamless digital twin that enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the molding process.

Innovative Simulations on Display: Witness a live simulation at our booth that highlights the superior filling behavior of a test plaque. This visualization not only shows a balanced filling pattern but also underscores our efforts in refining mold design and boosting production consistency.




Discover the power of the ROBOSHOT a-SIB series, integrating FANUC’s ROBOSHOT-LINKi2 with Moldex3D’s iSLM for real-time simulation results and seamless molding parameter transfer.


Needle-free IV Valve Project (16-cavity)

Sumitomo & M.R. MOLD & Shin-Etsu

Comprehensive simulation: This initiative utilizes a 16-cavity mold featuring advanced cold deck technology to optimize filling and curing behaviors of the LSR, ensuring top-tier precision and product quality. Our comprehensive simulation includes every component — from cold deck cores and inserts to hot runners and heating rods — ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Cutting Edge Technology: By incorporating various steel type inserts assigned based on thermal properties and using our sophisticated ‘Machine Mode’, we seamlessly integrate molding machine specifications into our process wizard. This critical step moves us closer to realizing a true digital twin for smart manufacturing.

Crucial insights: Our animations reveal a meticulously balanced filling pattern and detailed insights into the curing process of the LSR, showing areas of rapid and delayed curing within the mold. These insights are crucial for enhancing product consistency and manufacturing effectiveness.


Packaging Cap


The Packaging Cap Project highlights the comparison of conventional vs. conformal cooling methods to enhance the efficiency and quality of mold design.

Project Highlights:

  • – Utilized Mantle3D’s advanced technologies for faster production and lower costs.
  • – Conducted comprehensive simulations, comparing conventional cooling with our innovative conformal cooling approach.
  • – Achieved significant improvements: a 38% reduction in cycle time, enhancing both productivity and energy efficiency.
  • – Mold went into production at RPS’ facility.


8-Cavity Cup Model


Moldex3D’s Machine Mode allows for selection of a Sodick V-line Two-stage Plunger, and the Machine Interface allows for input of the machine parameters directly into the simulation! This makes the correlation from simulation to reality a breeze and is an important role in developing a digital twin for smart manufacturing.


  • – Enhanced part quality through balanced filling patterns.
  • – Significant reduction in plastic waste due to the similarity across multi-cavity systems.
  • – Advanced pressure prediction tools to anticipate production costs.

This collaboration is pushing boundaries in smart manufacturing, enabling more complex molding systems and providing invaluable insights into machine characteristics and process parameter selection.


4-Cavity Dose Cup Mold


a high-precision 4-cavity dose cup mold featuring state-of-the-art hot runner and conformal cooling layouts. Experience how JSW’s robust injection molding machines paired with iMFLUX’s revolutionary technology are reshaping manufacturing norms.

Innovation in Every Cycle: iMFLUX’s trailblazing approach transforms the molding process with a closed-loop system, “the Green Curve”, that ensures low constant pressure across various machines and materials. This leap in technology not only enhances process efficiency but also slashes cycle times and cuts down material costs through more evenly distributed pressure.

Smart Manufacturing Redefined: Witness the synergy of JSW and iMFLUX technology as we march towards the future with a digital twin for smart manufacturing, where precision meets sustainability.


Coffee Cup


This project highlights the innovative integration of our advanced Moldex3D simulation software with Wittmann’s state-of-the-art injection molding machines, featuring Simpatec’s innovative use of conformal cooling inside the mold, a cutting-edge technique enhancing the precision and efficiency of the molding process..


Smart Cap


The innovative world of silicone mold making with our recent collaboration featuring Elmet, SimpaTec , and Moldex3D. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of precision and efficiency in the silicone industry.

Elmet, a leader in smart silicone solutions, provides cutting-edge mold making services tailored to the dynamic needs of the silicone sector. Their expertise in crafting multi-cavity molds is unmatched, and we are proud to be part of their journey.

SimpaTec’s role in this partnership involves the adept use of Moldex3D software to simulate the intricate processes of Elmet’s molds. This simulation ensures that each mold not only meets but exceeds industry standards for quality and performance.

Moldex3D: This collaboration highlights our commitment to leveraging advanced technology to enhance product design and manufacturing processes. The multi-cavity mold simulation provided by SimpaTec through Moldex3D software represents a significant step forward in optimizing production efficiency and product quality in the silicone industry.


We also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional clients and partners who presented the latest technologies and delivered outstanding presentations at our booth. Special thanks to ACMT, Isometric Micro Molding, Milacron, Fanuc, ENGEL, Trexel, Chemigon, PME, Sodick, BASF, Shin-Etsu, NVIDIA, Celanese, and Mantle3D. Their support and participation added tremendous value to our event, making it even more spectacular.

The successful organization of NPE 2024 would not have been possible without the support and participation of every partner and client. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving even greater accomplishments together in the future.

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