Moldex3D DOE Capabilities | 2:30-3:00 PM EDT, August 29th

on 07/10/2014


Moldex3D DOE Capabilities  | 2:30-3:00 PM EDT/ 06:30-07:00 PM UTC, August 29th


Injection molding is a very complex procedure that combines part and mold designs, materials, and process conditions. Every change on each foregoing factor has a great impact on the injection molded plastics. Due to the interaction complexity of multiple molding factors, a conventional trial-and-error method has become ineffective and costly to predict and control the procedure. Therefore, Moldex3D Expert has been developed to help designers evaluate the optimal process conditions and optimize the process design using the DOE (Design of Experiment) method. This webinar will help users to explore useful features of Moldex3D DOE capabilities.




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