on 10/13/2015

Terms and Conditions

1. Definition
a. Portal means Moldex3D Channel Partner Portal is a portal hold by Moldex3D exclusively to its Resellers.
b. Reseller means the company who has signed the Reseller Agreement, VAR Agreement or Distributor Agreement with Moldex3D.
c. Member means a Reseller who signs up for Moldex3D Channel Partner Portal, and was accepted by Moldex3D.

2. This Portal authorizes only the staffs of an approved Reseller to use the documents and media provided in this Portal. The Member should use the document or media shared in this Portal only to promote Moldex3D. Other usage conditions should follow the Moldex3D Reseller Agreement.

3. Each Member can have a maximum of 2 accounts in this Portal.

4. A Member shall never share the account and password to a third party or any individuals.

5. A Member is responsible for keeping the account and password from leaking to the others by former employees.

6. If any terms or conditions conflict with the signed Moldex3D Reseller Agreement, the Member should still follow the ones in the Moldex3D Reseller Agreement.

7. Moldex3D reserves the following rights:
a. To terminate this Portal.
b. To modify the terms and conditions of this Portal.
c. To suspend or terminate a Member’s registration.

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