Webinar: Simulation of In-mold Decorating (IMD) Process- 10:30 AM CEST

  • Date:5 月 17, 2017
  • Location: 10:30 AM CEST

In-mold Decoration (IMD) is a preferred process for decorating a wide range of plastic products, ranging from food containers, electronic devices to automotive interiors. IMD process offers a number of advantages over traditional decorative processes, including cost effective, efficiency and greater design flexibility. By inserting a decorative film into a plastic mold during the molding process, IMD process can help save a great deal of time and effort spent on tedious post-molding printing steps.

Moldex3D offers simulation solutions tailored to IMD process that can help determine optimum processing conditions and utilize the full capabilities of IMD process. In Moldex3D’s latest version, the new “Wash-out Index” feature allows product designers to predict the ink washout problem to ensure successful decorative products.

Attend this webinar to learn how Moldex3D simulation can help:

  • Capture the interplay between the film and the part during the injection molding process
  • Predict potential molding defects, such as ink washout, warpage, sink marks, weld lines, air traps, etc.
  • Optimize process conditions
    – Melt and mold temperature
    – Injection speed

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