Moldex3D Announces the Official Release of Moldex3D R9.1

on 01/15/2009

HSINCHU, Taiwan, Jan. 15, 2009 – CoreTech System, the “True 3D” CAE simulation solution innovator today announced the latest release of its new plastics design and analysis software version for precise injection molding simulation—Moldex3D R9.1.


The release provides several breakthrough new functions and enhancements, such as enhanced parallel computing technology and new meshing kernel, to launch the fastest true 3D analysis tool. Moldex3D R9.1 also includes new features that deliver the most accurate analysis results on multi-component molding. Integration with several structural CAE software such as ANSYS, SIMULIA, Nastran, Marc and LS-Dyna, can expand solutions to encompass in-depth evaluations of manufacturing process impacts on the structural performance of the part.


“According to Business Week, innovations in 3D technology is one of the ‘Ten business predictions for 2009’ that will continue to flourish even during recession. This new R9.1 will strengthen Moldex3D’s position as the true 3D simulation technology pioneer. Combining our enhanced Parallel Computing technology with the latest multi-core technology, 3D analysis can accelerate your product life cycle, while staying accurate. Adopting 3D for core analysis is no doubt a “must-do ” for future business success!” stated Dr. Venny Yang, president of Moldex3D.


Moldex3D R9.1 builds upon the capabilities of past releases, especially in the area of performance. There are five top reasons, performance up, accuracy up, usability up, integration up, and management up, show you why you “have to” migrate to this new release!


Performance up: 


Key features in Moldex3D R9.1 include the enhanced performance of parallel computing that could gain from 3 to 10 times of acceleration. Moreover, with the latest Intel® Core™ i7 technology, Moldex3D R9.1 is capable of reaching the maximum acceleration. Generally, the computation speed can accelerate up to 350% faster by the quad-core power of one Intel® Core™ i7 processor! The benchmark of Moldex3D R9.1 on a 4-node Core™ i7 PC-clusters shows more than 10 times performance up of 3D Flow analysis on a case of one million elements. Besides, improved meshing kernel of Moldex3D would even make mesh generation 300% faster, and the latest graphic rendering engine improved by OpenGL 2.0 technology helps users to view results and make dynamic report more efficiently.


Accuracy up: 


With 485 plastic materials being updated and added to the database, Moldex3D R9.1 enhances its capacity for simulations with highest precision. In addition, it completely supports the two-color(2K)/over-molding to provide realistic analysis results on multi-component molding; and Moldex3D R9.1 exclusively allows mold filling analysis of K-BKZ models to precisely predict the non-linear and time-dependent material behavior.


Vice President and R&D VP of Moldex3D, Dr. David Hsu, says: “High accuracy, high performance, and high usability are what Moldex3D has been aiming to accomplish, these are also our guarantees to customers. The introduction of R9.1 not only fulfills these promises, but it also shows our effort over the years to partner with preeminent companies to create a total solution. This would help manufacturer to remain competitive, and to get through an economic difficult time.”


Usability up: 


Moldex3D R9.1 includes hundreds of UI usability enhancement. The Gate and Runner design wizards of Moldex3D can effectively help to alleviate the time-consuming runner and gate design process. For instance, an one-hour work can now be done in 5 minutes through the intelligent wizards. Besides, more new features are provided to help users to dramatically reduce the effort on model preparation and results analysis, such as new graphic rendering engine, 3D sink mark visualization or least-square-based flatness display, and etc.


Integration up: 


Moldex3D R9.1 takes into consideration the versatility of today’s technology tools, therefore its capabilities are ameliorated to integrate with several CAE software to provide total solutions for our customers. The new interface module “I2-Marc” is developed to allow users of Moldex3D or Marc to extract critical molding properties from Moldex3D analyses. Now Moldex3D R9.1 can extract molding simulation results to several structural CAE software, including: Ansys, Simulia (Abaqus), Nastran, LS-Dyna, Marc, and DigitMat; model information, fiber orientation, residual stress, temperature, pressure, and so on are fully supported in the system. Furthermore, new report generator of Moldex3D R9.1 supports the format of Microsoft PowerPoint to help users to make a professional presentation easily.


Management up: 


In terms of management facilitation, Moldex3D R9.1 embodies a remote control environment to help users to efficiently distribute and manage the computing resource of whole organization. This new technology allows users to submit their analysis jobs from local computers to a computing server or computing cluster, and then the job manager program on server will automatically schedule, execute, and monitor those jobs. Analysis results can be obtained from server to local computers through network after analysis jobs are done.


Pricing and Availability 


Moldex3D’s advanced simulation technology can provide one of the most professional assistances to sharpen your competitive edge, and we never cease to provide our customers the most complete and professional services and supports.

Moldex3D R9.1 is available now. For pricing and more detailed product information, please contact your local representatives of Moldex3D. You can find their contact information at


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