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on 06/04/2009


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Moldex3D will showcase the latest injection molding simulation technology through seminars: starting from NPE2009, ANTEC2009 and concluding with the 9th Annual International Polymer Colloquium. During the Moldex3D Technology Week, you will have access to the most updated and advanced Moldex3D solutions available, and we help you build new skills through on-site demonstrations.


You can join Moldex3D Technology Week in any of the following events:
Join Moldex3D Technology Week from June 22-26 and enhance your competitiveness in the plastics industry.


NPE 2009

Date: June 22-26
Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL,
West Hall Ballroom Booth #W125051


The world’s largest plastics conference, exposition and technology exchange that host 75,000 professionals will represent the entire supply chain and provide unprecedented co-located conferences and technical education programs to give you access to cutting-edge advances you need to know.


This year Moldex3D will feature the powerful new release R9.1, along with several exclusive demonstrations. Come visit our booth to meet Moldex3D senior consultants and staffs, and to share knowledge from manufacturing process to CAE software capabilities.


Moldex3D Technology Week @ NPE2009 Features:


  • New release of Moldex3D R9.1
  • Experiencing the speed of Parallel Computing
  • 3D Auto-meshing technology hands-on demo
  • Moldex3D Simulation Specialists providing injection molding consulting services
  • Success stories from Moldex3D users worldwide
  • Moldex3D product development roadmap



ANTEC 2009 

Date: June 22-24
Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois USA



Featuring 750 technical presentations and peer-reviewed papers, ANTEC is the world’s largest plastics technical conference. Forums and sessions for engineers, R&D scientists, technicians and sales and support personnel offer previously unpublished research.


Moldex3D is proud to present seminars in ANTEC 2009 to share with you our latest research accomplishments.


  • The titles of our presentations are as following:
  • A Three-Dimensional CAE Molding Of Microchip Encapsulation
  • The Investigation of Warpage Behavior by Considering the Process-Induced Property Variation In Sequential Overmolding
  • Thermal Feature of Variotherm Mold in Injection Molding Processes
  • Improve Cooling Effect of Injection Molding By Pulsed-Cooling Method
  • Investigation of the Heat Hesitation In The In-Mold-Decoration Processing With The Film
  • Dynamic Property of the Frozen-Layer And Its Effects On Warpage In Injection Molded Parts
  • Melt Memory and Core Deflection
  • Simulations and Verifications of True 3D Optical Parts by Injection Molding Process
  • Warpage Management Using Three Dimensional Thickness Control Method in Injection Molding




Date: Friday, June 26th, 2009
Time: 7:30am – 5:00pm
Location: University of Wisconsin–Madison Research Presentation Room, 1550 Engineering Drive, Engineering Centers Building, Madison, WI


Polymer engineering activities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison dated back to 1946 when Professor Ronald Daggett first included plastics in the mechanical engineering curriculum.The continuous research activities at Polymer Engineering Center (PEC) and its sister Rheology Research Center (RRC) at UW-Madison have made them among the nation’s strongest research groups in mechanical engineering, polymer engineering, and rheology research.This year, Moldex3D will again join the 9th Annual International Polymer Colloquium to show when new technologies come to address problems such as different customer demands, global competition, growing environmental concerns, and more.


  • The registration will start from 7:30 with breakfast and Tim Osswald will start the colloquium by giving an opening remarks.
  • From 9:10am Dr. Venny Yang from Moldex3D (CoreTech System Co., Ltd., Taiwan) will present “Advancements in Moldex3D True 3D Injection Molding Simulation for Rapid Heating and Cooling Molding and Multiple Component Molding,”.
  • Finally Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng will give a closing remark to the colloquium and with a poster session, the whole colloquium will finish at 5:00pm.

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