Moldex3D Japan Users Meeting Was Held on May 13

on 06/04/2009

The 6th Moldex3D Users Meeting was held in Mielparque Tokyo (Minatoku Shibakoen) on Wednesday, May 13, 2009. With more than 50 industrial Moldex3D veterans gathered, and the meeting became the place of sharing users’ experience.


”Despite the severe economic downturn in Japan, the atmosphere of the Moldex3D Users Meeting was really lively, with enhanced contents as before. Especially, the academic level of the seminar was really impressive!” commented Mr. Masato Goto, the product manager of Moldex3D’s distributor SAEILO Japan.


In the morning, Dr. Venny Yang, president of Moldex3D introduced the innovations in released in Moldex3D R9.1. The new function such as automatic gate wizard and runner wizard, as well as the enhanced data exchange of MCM process and the latest benchmark of parallel computing really impressed and grabbed the attentions of the participants.


In the afternoon, Dr. Masaki Yoshii from Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd., gave an in-depth lecture of IC encapsulation process entitled “The stiffening, flowability and moldability evaluation technology of the semiconductor encapsulation resin”.


There was a presentation following titled “The measurement, correlation and prediction of polymer PVT characterization” by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sato, associate professor of Tohoku University graduate school, which also impressed the participants with the advanced content of the lecture.


Following, Sanyo Ltd. and the SAMSUNG Cheil Industries Inc. shared their successful stories as Moldex3D user, which became great reference to show the effectiveness and enhancements of Moldex3D.


The latest Box Cluster composed of 4 high-end workstations was exhibited during the User’s Meeting also used for demonstrating the leading computing performance. With Box Cluster, the calculation was speeded up by at least 10 times collaborating Moldex3D’ unique parallel computing. This also grabbed bunch of attention from the participants and provoked lots of interactions.


Moldex3D Users show great confidence in Moldex3D’s innovation roadmap and performance and look forward to Moldex3D’s future developments and expected to see more and advanced technology fulfilled in future Moldex3D. Moldex3D sincerely appreciates all attendees for participating in this great event and looks forward to meeting you in 2010.

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