Moldex3D Paticipates EnginSoft International Conference and ANSYS Conference 2011

on 09/21/2011

Moldex3D, the world largest independent molding CAE solution provider, will be attending the EnginSoft International Conference 2011 and ANSYS Italian Conference 2011 on October 20-21st at Verona, Italy. Please do not miss the great opportunity joining the conference,”CAE Technologies for Industry”


Why you need to join this conference and how Moldex3D benefits you?


The business nowadays is facing challenges and pressures to minimize costs and time to market. Thus, CAE simulations become more and more important in every stage of the product life cycle. As the world leading CAE tool for plastic injection molding industry, Moldex3D provides a powerful interfacing tool, Moldex3D-I2, to combine with most of the professional structural analysis software such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, MSC Naetran, NENastran, LS-Dyna, Marc and DigiMat.




Moldex3D Solid-I2 allows users to introduce the process-induced properties, such as fiber orientation, into the above-mentioned software for part structural analysis; it will be clear and easy for user to evaluate the impact of the molding process on the part structural performance



Except directly translating the mesh and material properties into corresponding formats, Moldex3D-I2 can also perform results mapping onto the mesh model with different mesh number, mesh density distribution or mesh types,. With seamless workflow, Moldex3D-I2 bridges the gap between the molding simulation and structural analysis for a fully-optimized product design.



Please feel free to find Moldex3D’s professionals for more details in the event, and definitely you will have unbelievable experience in injection molding simulation. Or you could also contact us at:


CoreTech System Co., Ltd.Headquarters
8F-2, No.32, Taiyuan St.
Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-560-0199

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